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Foil Coach

Brock Hamilton started fencing in 2010, at the Salle d’Etroit UFO fencing club. He gained experience and fenced as a student of Ben Schleis until senior year of high school  when he took a break to pursue a professional career and entrepreneurship. His passion for competitive fencing was renewed at Oakland University. While attending OU, studying Bio-Engineering, Brock reconnected with fencing and joined the Oakland University Fencing Club during the Winter 2020 season. He competed with the club team at the Midwest Fencing Conference Championships. Brock also joined the board for the OU fencing club, graduating in 2021 with a Bachelors in Bioengineering. 

He now has a full-time career in engineering while maintaining his passion for fencing through coaching and competing. Brock continues to study under his coach Maestro Gil Pezza and has been fencing with PA2FA since 2021. Brock coaches private and group lessons through PA2FA as well as throughout the community. He enjoys instructing and likes to bring his passion for the sport to all ages, using creative methods to sharpen skills for his students. 


  • Currently preparing for USFCA Moniteur exam in foil

  • SafeSport Certified

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