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Fencing plays a strong emphasis on strategy, speed, mental agility, and physical endurance.

All are invited to join us, regardless of their skill level - from those who are new to fencing to those who have reached the pinnacle of the sport as world champions, and everyone in between.

Summer camps 2024 for all kids
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About PA2FA

At the Plymouth/Ann Arbor Fencing Academy, we are dedicated to promoting the growth of competitive and recreational fencing throughout the Detroit metropolitan and Ann Arbor area. Our primary objective is to instill the passion of fencing and provide expert instruction for individuals of all skill levels, thus enabling each fencer to progress at their own pace.


Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or an experienced fencer looking to refine your skills, our comprehensive range of programs has something for everyone. Our facility boasts a diverse community of fencers, including world champions, national team members, and recreational enthusiasts who share a passion for the sport. All of our coaches are certified through the United States Fencing Coaching Association, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of instruction. 

Our Mission

To enrich lives  by developing each fencer to the best of their potential through our distinctive competitive and recreational fencing programs.  


PA2FA’s unique methodology results from the cooperative interaction of American, Western European and Eastern European fencing coaches. 


At PA2FA,  we teach our fencer how to perform at optimal mental  and physical levels. Therefore, PA2FA fencers are focused on learning, training and on performance improvement. Winning and success in competition then become a consequence of our unique approach and methodology rather that its main objective.


Our coaches are more than just experts in their field; they are also dedicated mentors who understand the individual needs of each fencer they train. They use their deep knowledge of the sport and their empathetic approach to inspire and motivate their athletes to achieve their full potential, while working with them to address their unique strengths and weaknesses and build a strong foundation for success.

“Paying attention to the athlete’s emotions, strengths and weaknesses is the responsibility of a good coach.”


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