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GRAFA Third Coast Cup ROC(D1A, DV2, VET) & RJCC/RYC

Congratulations to all of our fencers this weekend in Grand Rapids! We had some amazing results. PA2FA fencers captured 17 medals including 5 Gold; 4 Silver and 8 Bronze. In addition to those who reached the podium, several PA2FA fencers placed in the top 8 in their event.

Below are our top finishers:

Y10 women’s saber CHAVEZ Beatrix - 3rd

Y10 women’s Epee CHAVEZ Beatrix - 2nd

Junior Women’s foil BONGADO Noreen - 8th

Y12 women’s foil ADLER Zoe - 5th

Div 1A women’s foil PHILPOT Eden - 2nd

Div 1-A Saber PHILPOT Eden - 1st

Y14 Men’s Foil VANOYVEN Dominic - 5th

Y10 Women’s Foil KNAPP Isabella - 1st ESMONDE-WHITE Daphne - 3rd IANNI Isabel - 8th

Y10 Women’s Saber CHAVEZ Beatrix - 3rd

Junior Women’s Epee ELSTON Sophia - 1st

Cadet Women’s Foil CAMPBELL June - 3rd (Earned E23)

Div I-A Men’s Epee KANAR Ian - 8th

Veterans Men’s Foil KAROLAK Dale W. - 1st

Div II Men’s Epee DALTON Matthew - 2nd ASGARALLY Anthony - 3rd DITTEL Aaron K. - 3rd

Y14 Women’s Foil MORSE Katherine - 6th STONE Sydney - 7th

Cadet Men’s Foil VANOYEN Dominick - 8th (Earned D23)

Div I-A Women’s Epee ELSTON Sophia - 2nd

Cadet Women’s Epee ELSTON, Sophia - 3rd

Veteran Men’s Epee KAROLAK Dale W. - 3rd

Div II Men’s Foil HAMILTON Brock - 1st

Special shout-out to Jonathan SHUBITZ for fencing his first RYC!

GRAFA MidWest High School Cup

Junior Men’s Foil VANOYEN Dominick - 9th TOWNE Benjamin - 10th POGOSIAN Roman - 14th HARRISON Gabriel - 18th

Huge thank you to Coach Gary, Coach Ian, and Coach Eden for helping out this weekend!!


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