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Foil Coach

Hans (Zack) Kaiser has been fencing since 2003 after finding intrigue in the Hardy Boys book, "The Clue of the Broken Blade". He started at Renaissance Fencing Club with Todd Dressel (former University of Detroit Mercy Head Coach) and Stanna Stoner. Veteran champion fencer Michael Cho also tutored Zack in fencing early in his career. When Anatolie Senic came to the United States, he became Zack's main coach around age 15. By age 17 he was a B rated fencer with the intention to fence collegiately.

He was awarded athletic and academic scholarship to Wayne State University, where he studied Electrical Engineering with a focus in Mechatronics.  Training under Anatolie Senic and competing at Wayne State was the catalyst to his growth. In his 4 years, he had 183 collegiate victories and qualified for NCAA National Championships in his final year. In 2015, he represented the United States in Havana, Cuba for his first World Cup. He represented the US in International competitions in Cancun, where he took 8th place, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Bonn, Saint Petersburg, Shanghai, Turin, and Cairo. 

Zack has worked as an Engineer for 8 years. He was employed for 7 years by +Vantage Corporation, in Livonia, MI, designing and building custom automated metrology solutions for automotive and aerospace industries. He now contracts his engineering services. 

Zack and his partner, Mariko have a passion project helping people to grow food by starting vegetable and flower gardens in their backyards, while they explore, more deeply, the principles of permaculture.

He coaches group classes and private lessons at PA2FA and makes it a point to travel to other clubs to exchange experience. He believes heavily in fostering creativity through observation, discernment and deliberation. 

The Future is shaped by those who create.


  • Moniteur Foil, USFCA (3rd Level)

  • SafeSport Certified

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