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Three-Weapon Fencing Master

Certified USFCA Examiner.Maestra Svitlana (Lana) Shevchenko is a highly-credentialed fencing coach with over 20 years of successful coaching experience at the national and international level. Maestra Svitlana has specialized expertise in the athletic development and training of fencers at all age and skill levels,  from children to elite international fencers. Her professional background transcends fencing; in fact, Maestra Svitlana holds a law degree from the Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine.”

Prior to coming to the United States,  Maestra Svitlana was Head coach of the national women’s foil cadets and juniors national teams for the Ukraine, whose members achieved elite levels of competitive success by winning medals at FIE World Cups and World Championships. Svitlana is also a stellar development coach, who has developed fencing champions by starting to work with them at a very young age. To illustrate,  she  was the personal coach of the Silver Medalist of the Ukrainian Junior National Championships in 2016, and of the Gold Medal team in the same year. Her fencers won individual bronze and logged a top 8 team performance at the 2014 Zagreb Junior World cup and fourth place at the Timisoara Junior World Cup.


  • Junior Specialist Diploma: physical education for a specialty, sports coach (fencing) qualified as a specialist - 05/1995 -Republican Higher School of Physical Culture

  • Specialist diploma: for the specialty “Olympic and professional sport” and received the qualification of a fencing Coach , physical education teacher — 04/1999 -National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine

  • SafeSport Certified

  • Certified USFCA Examiner

Coaching Experience

  • Lead Foil Coach, Renaissance Fencing Center, Troy (2018 – 2023)

  • Fencing Coach, Fencing Academy of Westchester, Hawthorne, NY (2018)

  • Fencing teacher, Olympic College named after Ivan Poddubny, Kiev, Ukraine (2005 - 2018)

  • Head coach of the national team of Ukraine on foil foil girls (cadets, juniors) - Fencing Federation of Ukraine — Kiev, Ukraine (2014 - 2017)

  • Physical education teacher, Academy of Municipal Administration - Kiev, Ukraine (2002 - 2005)

  • Fencing Coach, Children Youth Sports School №5 (DYUSSH-5) - Kiev, Ukraine (1997–2000)

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