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Three-Weapon Fencing Master

Maestro Robert Schiff is an engineer, change agent, program manager and fencing enthusiast. He started fencing at the age of 15 in Augsburg, Germany

at the fencing Club TSV 1847 Schwaben Augsburg, which produced champion fencers such as Heidi Schmid, who won the individual gold medal in foil at the Rome Olympics in 1960.  

Throughout his career, Maestro Schiff was coached by his father, Josef Schiff, a master level fencing coach with a university specialist diploma in fencing as well as a  former member of the Romanian National and Olympic Team; who later became  the national coach for the German wheelchair fencing team.

A very fast learner, Maestro Schiff was able to win a Silver Medal on the State Championships after only 1 year of fencing and captured the gold the following year. Maestro Schiff was then nominated for a scholarship at the National Boarding School for Fencing in Bonn and graduated from there while learning from Maestros Henri Jansen and Rorik Janssen.

After graduation Maestro joined  the FC in Tauberbischofsheim ( Tauberg); the world renowned fencing club famous for producing several World and Olympic Medalists. While at Tauberg, he was the student of Maestro Didier Ollagon and Martin Heidenreich.

Mastro Schiff became a member of the extended German Junior (U21) National team and represented Germany in several U21 FIE World Cups. In 2000, he injured his wrist severely in a championship, which ended his career as a competitive fencer. His injury did not curtail his passion for fencing and, therefore, started working with his father as Co-Trainer; which led him  to a career as a Fencing Master. He subsequently, worked and learned  from additional world class coaches like Walter Stegmueller and Dr. Michael Hauptmann.


  • C-License Coach Fencing (Epee, Foil, Sabre)- German Fencing Association (Germany 2001).

  • B-License Coach Fencing (Epee, Foil, Sabre)- German Fencing Association (Germany 2003).

  • A-License Coach Fencing (Epee, Foil, Sabre)- German Olympic Sports Confederation (Germany 2006).

  • Diploma - Fencing Master of Arms (Equivalency Accreditation) - United States Fencing Coaches Association (2023).

  • Certified USFCA Examiner.

  • Safe Sport Certified.

  • Full list of over 93 certifications in several areas (e.g. Leadership, Engineering, Project Management) can be found here: (

Coaching experience

  • Fencing Coach since 2000

  • Appointed to State / Country Coach Epee in Bavaria, Germany 2004

  • Appointed to Chief State / Country Coach Epee in Bavaria, Germany 2010

  • Served as Chief Country Coach Epee in Bavaria until 2012

  • Lead multiple clinics for coaches or fencers from  2004 through 2012

Record as fencer

  • Winner of State Championships

  • Winer of national and international U21 and Senior Championships

  • Represented Germany on FIE U21 World Cups

Additional Roles

  • Member of the German Fencing Associations C-License Coach developer Team 2008 – 2010.

  • Functionary responsible for Epee Fencing within Bavaria, Germany 2009 – 2010

  • Since 2022 Volunteer Parent at K4-K8 at Steppingstone, Plymouth, MI, USA

Because of his rank as Fencing Master, Maestro Schiff is listed in the Coaches’ section. However, Maestro Schiff is not a member of the PA2FA coaching staff. Rather, he is a voluntary parent at Steppingstone and is a member of our club. Those who wish to cross blades with him can usually fin

d him at Open Bouting on Tuesday’s and/or Thursdays.

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